Hi, my name is Benjamin Andrews

and I'm

and I live in England.


About me

After graduating from College, I have taken the liberty of using this current academic year to further my software engineering skills and system administration skills to ensure I can provide the top-quality service to customers of varying kinds. Furthermore, I am also using this time to work on my own personal projects such as development of an Artificial Intelligence to help me and my family with work. I am also using this time to work full-time to help fund my family and save for a Holiday to Bulgaria in July 2019.

Along with this, I founded a Company and formed it as a Limited company in the United Kingdom, with Companies House. I did this because I've always had a dream to work for or own a hosting company and with that, provide the best services to our customers with the cheapest prices but best support. Recently we've migrated our customers to better hardware and we are still seeking more ways to expand the client-base to more than just Minecraft and Website hosting.